The Titanic was built by Harland & Wolf shipbuilders in Belfast at a time when the British Empire was at the height of it's powers. It was built for the White Star shipping company.

It was a fantastically opulent ship and the most luxurious liner ever constructed.

Two critical mistakes were made, both caused by arrogance. The boat was designed to have bulkheads that would section the hull into separate parts. If one section were to be sustain a leak it could fill without leaking into the other sections and the boat would remain afloat. This is why it was considered unsinkable.

In order to extend the size of some luxury cabins these bulkheads were altered. When the ship was struck by the ice-berg water leaked from one compartment to the next.

The boat had the capacity to hold enough lifeboats for all of the passengers. This would have meant having life-boats on some of the upper class decks. these were removed as the ship was unsinkable and didn't need them (doh!). This is the single reason why so many perished at sea.

After the sinking maritime law was introduced to measure that all ocean going vessels carry enough lifeboats to accommodate the entire itinerary of passengers.

There is a memorial park to some of the survivors on Broadway and 107th in New York.

A much better film portrait of the sinking is given in the film "A night to remember" a classic black and white English film from the 50's, stiff upper lip and all that.