Sunday night, 19:38

What a delicious sleep I had last night. Almost narcotic in it's warm oblivion, I drifted lazily until amost 10am, hours later than 99% of my mornings.

Lazy day, lots of browsing e2. Designed a basic intranet system for my new best friends at the Internet Industry Association. Drove to the Red Hill lookout with Gemma and Molly, enjoyed a single glass of Wold Blass Sauvignon Blanc.

Home via the markets, goodies for dinner. My tummy is now full of a nice baked pasta dish, based on smoked Rainbow Trout, King Island smoked cheese, green peas, capers, sour cream and black pepper. I served it, hot and crusty, with a salad of chilled blanched asparagus, ripe tomatoes, creamy but firm wedges of avocado, dressed with Modena balsamic vinegar and black sesame seeds. Simple food, felt European for a change.

So, avoiding the main theme of a regular Sunday night for me, I am hesitant and wishing against my need to go to Sydney's head office tomorrow morning. Not many more of these Sunday nights, I think.... TBC...