It has widely been observed that the scientologist strategy seems to be "always attack, never defend". Perhaps this can be a place for Scientologists to disprove this. I've never really met a Scientologist, and while what I've seen so far would lead me to believe that it is a cult, I'd like to hear more from the people who are actually involved.

To the Scientologists among us: please use this node to answer the questions many critics have.

  • What do you feel you get out of the auditing process?
  • Do you really believe in Xenu and the body thetans?
  • How confident are you that LRH's "science" was the result of his out-of-body explorations and not drug-induced hazes?
  • Have you been pressured to sell all your posessions to fund the movement?
  • What's your take on the "fair game" document? (
  • Why is the practice of psychiatry & psychology so hated?
  • Do you believe that people with "negative" personalities should be isolated from society as if they had smallpox? If so, how would you determine who stays and who goes?
  • Do you believe that wives who claim to be battered are actually battering their husbands?
  • Do you feel child labor laws should be abolished?

To the rest: Please don't downvote something because you disagree with it.