Scientology's "Upper Levels"
The OT Levels and NOTS

A Brief overview of the OT Levels

Right... These OT Levels. The OT or "Operating Thetan" levels are Scientology's nirvana. They sit on the Scientology Grade Chart (q.v.) above Clear and cost a lot of money:

  • OT I consists of walking around and counting people until one has a "win", and similar god-like procedures. EP (End Phenomena) is to extrovert a being [have an OOBE], and bring about an awareness of himself in relation to others and physical universe. Also called OT (Operating Thetan) orientation.
  • OT II consists of hundreds of boring "implants" written in Hubbard’s hand like "to be or not to be", followed by "spotting the light" that accompanied the "implants". [Implants are when we, supposedly, were incarcerated on a space-station orbiting Mars while between incarnations and brainwashed under big white lights…] EP (end Phenomena; the final result of processing "therapy") is rehabilitation of intention and ability to project intention. With an EP like that, it can’t fail! ($5,500 with OT III)
  • OT III, also called the Wall of Fire. Deals with Incident 2, Xenu, the evil galactic overlord, and the H-bombs on Hawaii 76 million years ago. Hubbard said that anyone who was exposed to this level casually would "freewheel" through it, become a chronic insomniac [too many barbiturates* if you ask me -- Hubbard was addicted to them], then get sick and die. Cough, cough. ($5,500 with OT II)
  • OT IV the Operating Thetan drug rundown. [Purif again…] Gets rid of the effects of taking drugs in past lifetimes for a few thousand dollars ($4,000).
  • OT V gets rid of those damn Body Thetans! EP (End Phenomena) is cause over life. Should be cause over your debt; you’ll need it [incidentally Hubbard made a course for finances…] OT V starts what is called New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans, NED for OT’s or NOTS reputed to be for removing BTs (Body Thetans; evils spirit infestations) that didn’t respond to OT III. Physical universe familiarization, for only a few thou’ ($4,500 + $288/h).
  • OT VI. What, more body thetans? OT VI teaches the erm, Pre-OT to do NOTs, New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans, solo. OT ability drills for a few thou’ more.
  • OT VII, and still more? On OT VII one does NOTs, New Era Dianetics for OTs, solo (usually for a long time; depends on how deep one’s pockets are…). Projection of intention and polish up for a few more thou’… and you thought shouting [at an ashtray – ask the guys at Brighton Org] was all you needed to project your intention.
  • OT VIII. Hubbard is finally revealed as GOD, and Jesus as a fraud. After $300,000, Hubbard had better be god, goddamn it! Otherwise, you’ve just been duped royally. Will you gain god-like abilities yourself? Plonk down the $300k and findout…or you could rent a clue for ten cents. Includes Solo NOTs, self auditing, solo "therapy" NED for OTs; the running out of Body Thetans or evils spirits. OT VIII is a big expensive mystery, only delivered on the ship for public, the ship being the newspeak named Scientology liner "Freewinds".
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