"You cannot change your life by changing your life. You can only change your life by changing your thinking." Jane Putter

Often changing your thinking has to do with your point of view or frame of reference. Often, frames of reference are small, consisting of what you know, what your are comfortable with, where you live, etc. This also can be an age. My parents often speak of how quickly time passes. I can see how this can happen as I get older. When I was almost 4 and my brother, ism was 5, I was so awed by his age and felt as if it was out of reach for a long while, when in fact, I would reach that age in a year. A year was so long for me since it was one-fourth of my entire life. Lots of times in heartbreak and sorrow I would think that the hurt would never end. Looking back, those bad times seem so brief.

What's important is changing perspective and this frees the mind in understanding.