I haven't noded a day log in a while because I have been too damn busy at work. I need to figure out how to make my home life more interesting so that I don't feel like staying at work so much. Friday finally came, and I'm glad, but I still haven't found a reason to not work this weekend (yes, that means I'm stupid enough, and have a sorry enough life that I'm considering going in this morning, Saturday. No, I'm not trying to evoke pity. Just making an observation.)

Meanwhile, I got all of my W-2's, and made a quick estimate of my situation. Not very good... (okay, I'll admit that a) its my fault and b) other people have it worse). I'll owe about $4K.

Here in Boston, were were recently given a so-called bill of rights by the T (our area's subway organization). They spoke of clean, safe, on-time, and so on, but they didn't mention about having to stand almost every ride. Oh well. I once again remind myself to get over it.