We are upstairs, in a secret room. We slide back some panels in the wall and see that the other has some extra panels that must have been put in place by someone else, on the other side. We get scared and put everything back.

I am the person in the movie XXX.

I am held prisoner by someone. I make myself disappear and issue instructions to my team to teleport to a certain place.

I am running down a mountain in the grass. I have found a little creature who I know will become a powerful ally. He rides on my shoulder. The creature is afraid and jumping in to certain fragrant flowers that he likes as we pass.

I open a door to the inside of a palace wall that has the defenders of the castle in it. However, they are only really prepared to fight facing out of these holes in the wall, with machines that help them launch spears. Since I entered from the side they have to fight me hand-to-hand, for which they are no match. After I kill them I throw their spears over to my friend, who is floating by on a boat.

I am on top of a hill, just inside the castle walls. I surprise and capture the emperor and his beautiful, but decadent wife. I take a silver goblet from the emperor. I ask them what it is... they are both very concerned to get it back. But then the woman urges me to drink it, promising amazing affects. I climb on top of the wall and look down to the stream. There an absolutely entrancing woman, some kind of water elemental, stands as still as a statue in the middle of the stream, which flows through and over her. Her hands are raised, and she is holding a large seashell through wich the water is flowing. I pour some of the silver liquid out of the goblet in to the stream so that it flows over this woman. Then I drink some myself and suddenly time skips, and I know they've captured me. I hear their gleeful voices as I come to.

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