First I'm seeing a person on one of those world wildlife camera shows, like you'd see on National Geographic. It might be me on the show, but in the 3rd person. The guy is sitting in a box in the middle of a beaten-down path in a savannah with tall grass. I think he's trying to demonstrate how animals will avoid humans. A stampede of zebras comes down the path, and goes around him; the same goes for a stampede of squirrels. Then a stampede of 12' rhinos comes by and he realizes they won't go around. He dodges out at the last second, and the rhinos crumble the box as if nothing was there.

This entire time he's been eating a tub of popcorn. The squirrels smell it, and come back. Soon he's buried in a pile of squirrels such that you can't even see him anymore; the squirrels are a couple layers deep. He shakes off the squirrels, leaving the popcorn in the middle. He tries to go for the popcorn again, but they start biting him. He fends them off and manages to keep the popcorn. Unfortunately, the rhinos come back and he runs away, abandoning the popcorn.

At this point the dream switches into first-person. I get into an small inflatable boat sitting in a river and push off the shore, heading down the river. The water is 1-2 feet deep, and the river is perhaps 12' wide. Still shocked from my ealier experience I wash off my hands in the water so the animals won't smell the scent of popcorn on them. I paddle onwards for a while but eventually run into some sandbags followed by deeper water. I figure I should probably stop here and dock the inflatable boat on the shore, and start climbing a hill by the river.

As I climb up the hill I pass by some sort of station; I'm not sure what type (could actually be skycar, for all I know), but something had just docked into it. A tour group of half a dozen pirates comes out and I greet each of them with "argh" as they walk by. After I do this I recognize my rudeness and apologize afterwards. They say it's alright, and I go with them to a fancy party. Unfortunately I can't remember much that happens at the party except for a basin full of red punch getting spilled on me at some point; in any case, some other crazy stuff happened.

After the party I go back with the pirates on an airplane. As we get near the destination, I realize there's a girl hanging out the window (the airplane is windowless), who's clutching onto the bottom of the window. She starts talking to me, and asks if she can sneak onto the plane. I'm hesitant, and remain hesitant as we land. It remains a moot point, as a gust of wind from the landing blows her into the seat next to me.

The plane flies through the entrance to a facility then lands inside. Suddenly red lights and claxons start going off, presumably due to the girl, and we decide that we're going to help the girl escape. The plane turns into a disney-style tram ride and starts backing up until we see an emergency exit by the landing entrance. The tram rushes forward through the door and starts flying down the steps like a roller coaster. I start to realize this is a dream at this point, and figure I have to be damned certain to type this freakin' cool dream up. As we're descending I'm wondering why I don't have the same fear of rapid descent that I do in real life, and on cue the slope of the stairs changes enough that I start do getting scared.

I swap perspective out of my body, and switch to the point of view of the girl. I arrive at the end of the staircase in the tram and jump out. There's a hallway here where I can either keep on going forward or to the right. I go right which takes me into a computer lab (as in a place where computers are actually tested), which I somehow identify as belonging to Dell. The room is huge, maybe the size of Schatz dining room, and similarly segmented into two parts. I run past some confused technicians in the first part and go into the second. There's maybe 5 closed closet doors on the left-hand side, and I run into the last one. I close the door behind me. There's some paper on the ground which unfolds, and I hang it over myself in some pitiful attempt at hiding.

After several seconds the door is opened, and a guy in a suit tells me to read the paper I'm hiding underneath, which has turned from a large unfolding sheet into a much more reasonably-sized letter. The gist of the letter (I can't remember the actual text, but I saw some there) is that I was some sort of revolutionary who was attempting to sabotage their facilities or something. They'll hire me on as a Dell spokesperson, maybe doing some commercials, if I renounce my ways and perform some counter-revolutionary stuff at an upcoming anti-dell protest. I think this may involve sabotaging the protest groups to some degree, but I'm not sure how. I agree and become a corporate whore. (and how!)

I never expected Benjamin to be up on the cross. He always knew. It was expected by him.

There is too much activity on the floor. No one knows I am there. They are all dancing and moving together. The energy of the throng is wild and yet also subdued. It is like they are in a trance. Only a handful seem to be conscious of their surroundings.

I come for her but she isn’t here. That isn’t important at the moment. It will be important later.

Somewhere between the metal roses there is a scent. No one can trace it to any source. It is part of everything that makes this place what it is. There is no control. There is control. It does not work by normally accepted and understood rules. It has a life of its own.


There is music and there is movement. I can feel my own silent moves as I become her as the last method by which she can be achieved. She is the spirit now. She is what drives these people to reckless abandon.

What they abandon they never had in the first place.

Benjamin spins. The cross is not what you think it is.

Amid the flurry of the dancers there is one old, bald cook in his bloody butchering apron. He moves amongst them and they do not know he is there. Yet he stands out amongst the crowd. He sees me looking at him. He smiles knowingly.

There is no longer anything around my neck. There was once but I don't remember what it was.

Jonas wants to cut Benjamin down. It would disturb the tranquility of the madness here. No one will let it happen. I don't know who Jonas is but I know his name.

The dwarf comes and leads me to the back room. It is like the inside of a tomb. She is there and so is the second queen. Four men in dark hoods are leading the second queen to the lid of a large, granite coffin. They remove her clothes and lather her body with their forked tongues. Then they take more than she came for.

The dwarf hands me a sheet of paper I cannot read. The author of the note is the one I came to find. She is now gone. I watch motionless as the hooded men feast upon the second queen. None of them make any sound aside from the aching moan of lusty flesh.

There is a tunnel that leads from this room and the dwarf goes down it. He turns and winks at me but I am not sure if he means for me to follow. The first of the men penetrates the second queen with his extremely large and very stiff organ. She only says “welcome” as he begins to thrust into her as the other men pull her legs apart. The second queen asks me to stay but I go down the tunnel instead. The dwarf is gone.

The vision of Benjamin on the cross stays. I do not know who he is, I realize, but I know that his name is Benjamin. He is now barely alive. He opens his eyes very wide for an instant and transmits something to me through those eyes. He takes a knife and cuts across his chest, yet both his arms are still bound to the cross.

There is a lot of noise in the tunnel, similar to what one hears on military radio communication in the movies. Coordinates are given and code words are used. There is a lot of noise. The tunnel begins to close around me.

“What is to be done must be done and the seed is always planted where no one expects it to be. Only then can She come into your world.”

It is then that I realize that I have been chasing someone other than who I thought I had come for. There is a connection. I am not sure what it is but I can feel the connection. Mother to daughter would be too easy. It is something more than that.

“When one flower wilts, another grows to take its place. You are the stem.”

“We have a go on six,” I hear very clearly from the radio babble that surrounds me.

“Dragon will return when you honor her with life.”

Transmission ends.

They open a cage and the doves fly out. The cage is rusty and old. I drop it from the window. I am in a tower, the remnant from an old castle and there is no glass in the windows of this stone fortress. I never hear the cage hit the ground, which continues to get further and further away.

Transmission begins.

My wings have returned, but the landscape is very dark. Everything smells of burning and very old death. I am alone, but only for an instant. The tower shakes and falls. I follow the doves into the air, but I am too heavy for my wings. I plummet towards the earth and hit the ground hard. My body is changing and I cannot do anything to change that. My identity is dissolving from everything except my soul.

There are bodies everywhere and they have been there for some time. No one here buries the dead. I hear the sound of horses coming. It sounds like three or four of them. My hearing and vision are very acute and I can see them coming. I draw my sword, which is nothing more than a handle with two inches of broken blade at the end of it. This is not important. I can sense the dragon above, ready to protect me if necessary.

They appear, four red riders, fully armed with their triple sets of wings fully extended out behind them. They are hiding nothing. They have come for me. I am the last one remaining in this place and they are not very fond of me.

The dragon makes its presence known, but the riders are not deterred. They smile. They look into my eyes and I can feel their gaze burning me. The dragon engages them and I find myself dropping to the floor in convulsions. One seizure after another takes hold of me and when they pass I discover that I am now she who I sought after all these years.

I have become her. Maybe I always was.

End of transmission.

We are upstairs, in a secret room. We slide back some panels in the wall and see that the other has some extra panels that must have been put in place by someone else, on the other side. We get scared and put everything back.

I am the person in the movie XXX.

I am held prisoner by someone. I make myself disappear and issue instructions to my team to teleport to a certain place.

I am running down a mountain in the grass. I have found a little creature who I know will become a powerful ally. He rides on my shoulder. The creature is afraid and jumping in to certain fragrant flowers that he likes as we pass.

I open a door to the inside of a palace wall that has the defenders of the castle in it. However, they are only really prepared to fight facing out of these holes in the wall, with machines that help them launch spears. Since I entered from the side they have to fight me hand-to-hand, for which they are no match. After I kill them I throw their spears over to my friend, who is floating by on a boat.

I am on top of a hill, just inside the castle walls. I surprise and capture the emperor and his beautiful, but decadent wife. I take a silver goblet from the emperor. I ask them what it is... they are both very concerned to get it back. But then the woman urges me to drink it, promising amazing affects. I climb on top of the wall and look down to the stream. There an absolutely entrancing woman, some kind of water elemental, stands as still as a statue in the middle of the stream, which flows through and over her. Her hands are raised, and she is holding a large seashell through wich the water is flowing. I pour some of the silver liquid out of the goblet in to the stream so that it flows over this woman. Then I drink some myself and suddenly time skips, and I know they've captured me. I hear their gleeful voices as I come to.

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