I was in the ruins of a building with lots of bookshelves, with the daughter of an old man from resistance against local goverment. Suddenly I noticed movement between some shelves, and found a hovering coffin-like medical pod with AI. The girl fingered its settins and we got it to follow us, but we were still looking for the way out from the ruins. We walked past some of the bookshelves, when couple of kitten-like creatures attacked us, and we had to defend ourselves. We quickly beated them with simple clubs, and the pod assisted us by fighting with electric shocks, so we got to continue to a narrow passage formed between some fallen shelves.

Apparently something had fallen on the building, because there was a hole on the upper corner of the room, and at the opposite side of the room there was a pile of debris on the floor. The girl and the pod had just gone past the debris when I begun to study it, and found out that there was a cyborg under it, most likely alive too. I called the girl to help me with clearing the debris, and the cyborg, who we nicknamed Mechanoman, gratefully agreed to join us. He was rather large, even though he had a hunchback, and his right arm was replaced with a large plate connected to his shoulder from its center. On the edge of the plate were some spikes and a large claw that looked like a mouth of a huge insect. The Mechanoman's head was human, yet strangely triangular with sharp chin and flat forehead. Anyway, the exit was just beyond the pile of debris we had found the cyborg in, so we all got out from the ruins.

We got to the house of the old man of the resistance, who didnt mind us having the pod and the cyborg with us. He had lost his right arm, but it was replaced with a electric wire that he could make twitch and tangle around objects like a tentacle, but I dont remember what happened next.

Next thing I remember is that we were on a light airplane, and some air bandits with floating scooters were after us. I opened the door above the wing of the plane, and fighting the wind, got my hand out with a large submachinegun. It was black, and looked like a larger uzi, exept it was higher and fired at slower rate. I got the bandits dropped, and we continued our flight.

Next thing I remember is that the goverment was evacuating the area we were on, and we had to get evacuated with everybody else, which was hard because we were wanted. I dont know what we did to the cyborg and the pod, but I, the girl and his father invented a great disguise. We all got into the same loose clothes, with only the old man's head visible, so we looked like one fat man. In addition, the girl's hair made well for fake beard, and we got past the evacuation point.

At one point I was separated from the group, but I had become friends with a blind man, who wanted to help us in our cause. We were heading across a swamp by a road, and I directed him with a rope we held in our hands. I noticed a floating police aircraft, so I pulled the blind man off the road and dove into the swampy water, hoping the blind man would understand to do the same. The aircraft flew over us, but it landed on the road ahead of us and a female cop came out. She seemed to have noticed us, but didnt know our exact location, so she fired randomly into the water, hoping to hit us. Her shots came rather close, so I had to release the rope and dive further away, but I couldnt guess what the blind man would do next.

As I had to catch some air, the cop noticed me and got down to the water to pursue me, the blind man suddenly jumped up from the water and punched the cop unconscious. I congratulated him, and we dragged the unconscious cop into an abandoned house by the road. It turned out that the cop had a bar code behind her head, which was somehow connected to a police mind control. I dont know how we disabled the mind control, but she didnt seem to remember anything from a long time she had been a cop, and decided to join us.

I was in this run down building on the edge of my town. I go there quite a lot with friends just to chill etc. you can get a really good view of the sunset from there, it's lovely. I can't remember why i was there this time, i'm not sure i knew, but a girl approached me. She wasn't attractive - sorry i don't know why that's relevant i just feel it is! She offered me two things: an experience and a drink. She then went to say that one was contingent on the other so i decided what the hell i'm young!!So i took the offered drink, it tasted like water, and being slightly cautious decided to leave about an inch in the bottom (not to much to appear rude). She didn't seem offended but insisted that i should drink the rest for the experience to happen. After the drink i sat back and waited...nothing until suddenly, this bit is hard to log as no matter how i craft my lexis this will sound ridiculous, i turned into a squirrel.

Somewhat surprised at this sudden transformation i was at first understandably a little perturbed but after a while i started to enjoy my new found ability and best of all i had preserved the ability to communicate with the Homo Sapien species, wonderful i thought. I realised i didn't fit in in my usual surroundings and decided to scamper off to the woods to find some furrier company. I then married a furry fitty and was set up to live a long successful life as a squirrel when i woke up.

Just hoping i turn into a squirrel and escape to a surreal life everynight, it was nice!

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