It is night. I am in a castle in the middle of the desert. A beautiful long black-haired Chinese woman is in love with me. But I do not love her. She mentions a certain page number and collapses in to unconsciousness but continues to cry rivers of tears. I take her and her diaries to an old woman in a room filled with books. The old woman looks through the diaries and is surprised to discover that the young woman has been in the castle far longer than her apparent age would suggest. She is the loyal daughter of the ruler of this castle. I tell the old woman to stop prying and just read the page indicated. When she does so the young woman wakes. I take her back to her room. I must leave.

I am in the middle of the dessert with my brother. We have a choice of movies to watch. He picks one I am not too keen on seeing. As we watch it the director, Alejandro Jodorowski, explains how the two lead characters, the man in black and the man in white are actually the same person. This pleases me immensly, as it gives the film greater depth.

At night I approach the Master in his camp in the desert. It is windy. Carrying many weapons, the Violent Man approaches to fight me. THe Master tells the Violent Man that there is a much worthier adversary at the bottom of the great ocean. It is an immense patch of chaotic darkness: the Black Maelstrom. The last group of mighty warriors he had sent there came back beaten and, out of desperation to save their honor, accused the Master of betraying them.

The Violent Man sees the futility of fighting such an elemental force and begs the Master to be allowed to stay. The Master gives the Violent Man a choice of being destroyed in the Maelstrom, or staying in the camp and learning wisdom from the Teacher.

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