I am on an expedition to catch or destroy swarms of flies. I tell the group that when a swarm comes sheep that stand in their way wet their lips so that they can capture as many flies as they can, since flies will stick to their wet lips.

A woman and I are in a ravine where the swarm is expected to fly into. She is in some sort of protective suit. She is setting up some explosives that are triggered by a bird that is sensitive to the arrival of the swarm. I tell her that the explosives have been set up in an unsafe manner. She has forgotten that she is no longer on a ship, where her method works. Also, because her suit has a rubber coating it might cause friction on the rubber coated explosives and set them off accidentally. She screams and rushes to take off her suit.

Meanwhile, the swarm flies towards the ravine and sets off the fuse. The fuse is white and it burns slowly but is punctuated by short, black cylinders which burn quickly. I notice that the explosives are going to go off so I push the woman in to a pool of quicksand. She lands on her back and doesn't sink immediately, so she is safe. I jump on to the branch of a tree and sing a 20's or 30's song.

While the swarm is flying by, some of the other members of the expedition are walking by through the swarm with measured steps. One is holding up a midieval grotesque mask up to his face, while his female partner, who is walking next to him, is protected by large goggles. At another part of the expedition camp a man asks one of two other men how he can be "cool". In response he is asked if he has any contact with the gay community, insinuating that he'd be cool if he hung out with them. This seems to be an in-joke with the two men and they laugh.

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