So I had a dream.

I'm at school. There's this totally cute guy that moved here from Michigan not too long ago, and I'm totally into him. His name is Ray. Well, he finds me and asks me out. Of course I say yes!

But as it happens, I tell my best friend Elizabeth and she freaks on me. Elizabeth is one of those rare people that hate it when others find love. So she goes and kidnaps my darling Ray and hides him, replacing him with a robot. Of course, I can tell the difference between Ray and a stinking robot. So I gho out hunting for him.

Well, Elizabeth hid him pretty damn well. I end up in south China, with an old woman selling sea shells by the sea shore. I ask her if she's seen my Ray. Well, of course the woman doesn't know English, so she starts screaming at me in rapid Chinese. But luckily I had my handy-dandy translator along with me, and I whip it out and figure she's telling me exactly where Ray is.

So I hightail it back the US, rescue Ray, and put a spell on Brad Pitt so he falls in love with Elizabeth. No problems, the end. But he still hasn't really asked me out.

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