The first hour of the Mormon Church Service. I'm pretty sure this first hour is similar to what most people do on Sunday at Church. The Sacrament Meeting is divided into two parts: The "passing of the sacrament" and the talks.

Preparation of the Sacrament
Before the meeting starts, boys aged 14 or 15 get things ready. This mostly consists of setting up the altar. The sacrament consists of bread and water. The water is put into little (like less than half a shot glass) plastic cups which sit in a metal tray. The bread is simply normal sliced bread (like Wonder) that is wrapped in a paper towel and put on metal trays. The altar is rectangular in shape and the bread and water is arranged in two rows down the middle. A small water bowl is placed on the altar flanked by two paper towels. A sheet is put on the table and another is placed over everything else.

Passing of the Sacrament
The Sacrament meeting starts with an Opening Hymn, an Invocation (Opening Prayer), Ward news and then a Sacrament Hymn. When people start to sing this hymn 2+ boys aged 16+ remove the sheet from the half of the alter holding the bread. They dip their fingers into the water bowl and wipe them off. They then remove the bread and break it into pieces and distribute the pieces over several trays. When this and the hymn are over, one of the boys will kneel down and recite the Sacrament Prayer for the bread. There is a mic usually built into the back of the alter for this. After reciting this he checks to make sure he didn't miss a word. This is one of the few prayers that needs to be recited verbatim. The bread trays are then handed to boys aged 12+ who pass it out to the members. When they return the trays are replaced, recovered, and the water trays are uncovered. A different boy blesses the water and then it is passed out.

The rest of the meeting
The rest of the meeting tends to be a few more hymns and 2 or 3 talks given by members of the Church. The people who talk have been asked a couple of weeks ago by the Bishop, and there tends to be a theme to subjects of the talks. There is then a Closing Hymn and a Benediction (Closing Prayer). Now there's just 2 more hours of fun to go!