Every good Mormon looks forward to the Sabbath when they get to spend three hours at Church. There are three major components to the service: Sacrament Meeting, and then two hours of classes.

The Sacrament Meeting consists of, not surprisingly, the blessing and passing of the Sacrament. For Catholics that's the wine and wafer; for Mormons it's bread and water. Then there's a few hymns and a few talks. See Mormon Sacrament Meeting.

Random thoughts on Mormon classes: In general The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a lay church. Most of the positions are held by members who don't get paid. This goes for the classes as well. I taught a class of 16-18 year old boys for awhile. In general, teaching duties are switched every once and awhile and given to people who aren't familiar with it. This tends to create a learning experience for both ends of the class. Classes tend to be ran as a discussion.

The first hour of classes can be jokingly be called the "integrated" portion of teaching. Little kids go to Primary, adolescents attend classes based on age groups, and the adults split off based on experience. By the latter I just mean there's a class called "Gospel Essentials" for newer members, and one called "Gospel Doctrine" for others. This is integrated since the divisions aren't based on gender. As opposed to...

The second hour of classes is split on similar lines and then split again based on gender. Most adult women attend the Relief Society. The main reason, I suppose, for this is that only men can hold the Priesthood in the Church. So, very often, their lessons revolve around that. ie, what is the Priesthood? How can you effectively use it? etc. Most members like this setup. The women tend to have much better lessons in Relief Society than the guys do. In the guys classes you're always thinking about jumping up and asking why we aren't watching football (which often gets creamed by the 3 hour service) or something.

Occasionally this setup is different. Several times a year there is a General Conference. Basically instead of a Sacrament meeting and classes you watch a live feed from Salt Lake City of talks from the leaders in the Church usually culminating in a talk by the Prophet. We also have Stake conferences where the all the Mormons in a general region go to a centrally located Church and listen to the regional leaders.

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