A variation on the Mormon Sacrament Meeting that takes place on the first Sunday of every month. Members are encouraged to fast before coming to Church. The standard fast is to skip breakfast and lunch, but you can do it however long you want. The Sacrament Meeting is the same except that instead of talks the mic is left open for anyone to come up and bare their testimony. People usually tell about something that happened to them that increased their faith, simply state their belief in the Gospel, and occasionly blab on inappropriately about nothing in particular. Luckily, the latter doesn't happen very often. Still, if you want to cause a ruckus at a Mormon church just go on the first Sunday of the month, march right up and explain why Joseph Smith was a monkey or whatever. I've never seen this happen but it would be interesting. BTW, I'm not encouraging this.

A side note about this meeting is that the Church encourages you to take the money you would have spent on those meals and make a fast offering. This money goes directly to the Church's Welfare System. A System that recieved praise from President Ronald Reagan, I'm pretty sure.

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