An excellent computer game designed by Sid Meier. Civilization was very aMbitious in its goal to create a game that would re-create history for the player. In it you take on the role of a Civilization (such as the Romans, Russians, etc.) and lead them from the creation of their very first city to the possible future of colonizing another galaxy. To achieve this goal you build more cities, discover or steal technologies, deal with or destroy your neighbors and basically build a modern empire. The game was very very well designed. Instead of just an assumed state of war between every nation in the game you move through different states of friendliness and war. The AI is good enough to present a challenging game and doesn't cheat too badly. You can win the game by conquering all other nations, sending colonists to Alpha Centauri, or by just surviving until someone else accomplishes this. The game Alpha Centauri continues the storyline and the series (really) from there.