Let's get the confusion straight in ghetto Gotham
The man behind the mask you thought was Batman is Bill Clinton
Who soon retire, the roof is on fire
Connie Chung brung the bomb as it comes from Oklahoma
Things are getting serious, kumbaya
On a mountain Satan offered me Manhattan, help me Jah-Jah

"The Beast" is also a song from the 1996 Fugees album The Score. It deals with the War on Drugs and police brutality and racial profiling and all the other issues that most red-blooded Americans don't give a good flying goddamn about.

The track is also known for having one of the best interludes in rap history, the famous Chinese Restaurant in the Hood sketch. As a group of Taiwanese ESOL students aptly describes it:

We will also include the dialogue at the end of the Beast. I only got a vague idea. There are two men and a vender who is selling chicken wings. They have some disagreement then the vender call them refugees, then the song begin. It might imply to people's stereotype of Refugee and bring out the issue. As Lauryn and Praz rap in the songs, they are looked down by people and in the black list.*
Anyhow, the interlude opens with a couple of brothaz going to a Chinese restaurant. One orders "a half a chicken wing... don't put that little retarded leg on it," and then the other butts in with "Yo, yo, yo yo yoyoyo.... I need, I need fo' chicken wings, fried hard and shit!" The (presumably) Chinese guy behind the counter gets touchy about both of them ordering at once, and eventually an argument breaks out.

Do you think I open a restaurant in the middle of the hood and don't know what's going on?
Nigga, I...
I fucking represent!
I fuck you the fuck up!
I will avenge my brothers by representing and whooping your ass WORD!
Nigga, this ain't channel 5, nigga! Somebody gonna die for real!
Okay then, I must show you Flying Fist of Judah!
You ain't gonna show me shit.
That's right!
I'm gonna show you these nuts right here...
You and you!
Nigga's straight from Mortal Kombat!
You're just talking! Obviously, the two of you are just bitch-ass niggas!
Nigga, why not DO somethin' then, you talkin' so bull-shit?
Wassup, wassup, nigga, wassup, punkass?

Okay then, all right then, this is a Chinese restaurant, but like Burger King, have it your way!
(FAP) (POW) (SLAP) Aaaaah! Aaaah!

* http://www.eng.fju.edu.tw/worldlit/caribbean/lyric/fu-gee-la-2.html