An addiction recovery program for alcohol and drug abusers, which emphasizes self-help and understanding one's problem rather than chanting slogans, attending meetings for lifetime and religiously founded 12-step programs. The Rational Recovery people are highly critical of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, whom they liken to cults with brainwashing tendencies. RR is neither religious nor atheist; it doesn't really deal with issues not related to addiction recovery. Their goal is planned, permanent abstinence for the abuser.

Rational Recovery has been widely criticized for mainly being an anti-AA movement.

The cornerstone of Rational Recovery is AVRT, or Addiction Voice Recognition Technique. The basic idea is to recognize which impulses, urges and emotions come from one's identity and which ones come from the addiction. This shows a view that people can overcome addictions on their own, through mental training, without having to bow down to a divine Higher Power. Their view is that addiction is a behaviour pattern rather than an incurable disease, and that only the addict himself is preventing himself from abstaining, not genetics, a mysterious disease or punishment by God. To this view, abstinence is a skill that anyone can learn, AVRT is one possible technique to learn that skill.

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