(Quite literally:)
Let's start with two of the most common and basic assumptions about human biological survival: food and warmth.

From there, we move on to the unfortunate state of Argentina today in which currency is based upon two commodities rapidly losing credibility: foreign paper currency and gold.

(While gold is still needed for the love symbolized in wedding bands,) in order to achieve the independence and freedom of action that Argentina (or any other country) deserves it needs to wean itself off the use of foreign currency and gold as a basis of its economy and rely on itself for its own survival, conducting international trade in commodities.

You know that old saying, trust in the power of Universal Friendship but row away from the waterfall. Other nations won't always be there to rescue you, so unless you're ready to fly, don't try any silly suicidal stunts.

Any and every economic system should re-examine its own survival and security needs before establishing new currencies after disasters like Argentina. Then we can all finally go out and have a good time, both working and playing...

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(This has been a message brought to you by the emergency currency board council. I am usually just the messenger.)