This morning I woke up at 7 am or so to my three cats running back and forth across the apartment as per usual. I had really nothing in particular to do today, so I plopped down in front of the computer.

I had leftover pizza at around 12 from the toaster oven, and I set to doing every last web search, music search, and research task I had wanted to do for the past several weeks.

I traded assorted barbs, jokes, and techy sorts of things on #playadelfuego on irc, and I chatted with my mom on aim. My mom and I are now both hooked on Alchemy, this game at Woe onto ye if you are also addicted. The highest I've gotten to is Alchemist 3rd Class. Pretty frightening.

I got some cds in the mail. An afrobeat compilation, Common Like Water for Chocolate, MC Non-Stop Reggae.

At about 4:20 or so I set the tape for Babylon 5, as I had a dinner date for later in the evening. I advised my friend Gina about a cd-rw for her laptop, then I got dressed to meet Drummergrrl. We went to this cafe in Baltimore called Donna's. It was kinda snooty, but we ended up getting filling meals.

We had this crazy ditzy waitress that had no clue what was going on. It was so funny. At one point she commented, "Oh you didn't eat your lemons." Haha!

Afterwards, we walked around and looked at all the fish that had been decorated around Mt. Vernon. There are more in the Inner Harbor, but we just saw a few near where we were. There was one called "We" with loads of spray painted happy meal toys and aol cds decorating it. It was really something.

Afterwards, we came back to my apartment, talked, petted cats, and listened to music.

So this is where you find me. Tomorrow I have an interview at UMBC for a web job. I am also in consideration for a full-time help desk position. Both have tuition remission, I believe. I am definitely qualified for the help desk position, and mostly qualified for the web one. There is a good chance I'll get one of them due to my experience and knowing half the tech department :). I am still nervous though. I do need a job to help with graduate school, and to get out of the damn apartment. Now I am off to watch my Babylon 5 tape. hugz.