A web comic created by Lee Adam Herold. Follow the adventures of Butch, hockey mask-clad serial killer with a heart. Most likely several hearts, in neatly labelled little jars.

The most important trait is the wonderful black humor: most of the comics deal with death, dismemberment, and other violent bad things in a damn funny manner. They're not intended for the squeamish, obviously.

Chopping Block is a single panel comic, usually with a caption. It is also interesting in that the only recurring character is Butch. Most of the other people are victims, generally short-lived ones. This reflects Herold's focus on situational humor and a quick, simple punchline over character development or extended plot.

While he has experimented with plot lines at times, and Butch's character is developed somewhat, the majority of the comics are stand alone well. This makes it an easy comic to jump into, unlike generally plot- and character-heavy works, and if you want your plot, there are plenty of other places to get it.