This has haunted me for years. It is some time in the early 1980s. My parents and I are driving along a bush road in Zimbabwe. We lived there until 1983 when we left for reasons that are only now becoming apparent to the rest of the world and moved to Australia.

Anyway we slowed down because we spotted 3 antelope by the side of the road. There were 2 males and a female but they were separated from each other by a 20 foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire. The males were on one side and the female was on the other. They were obviously distressed by this and were pressing their muzzles against the fence in an effort to reach each other.

As we watched the males turned to each other and butted their antlers in a desultory courtship display and then seemed to agree that it was pointless and went back to nuzzling with the female through the wire links of the fence.

As we drove away I noticed a sign on the fence:


The female was on the wrong side.

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