It's hard to accurately describe the humour that is evident in every White Ninja comic, but it is always the same unique brand of nonsensical, off-the-wall craziness. Written and drawn by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle, White Ninja is a webcomic that features a ninja with white clothes. His name is White Ninja. Other than that, nothing is really known about him. The strip was started with a ballpoint pen and regular blank paper, when the creators were in seventh grade. They mostly forgot about it until the University of Saskatchewan's newspaper showed interest and picked it up. After realizing how many people liked their work, they began posting White Ninja comics online in October of 2002.

It has something of a cult following (there is nearly 7 times more fan art than real pages), but it can be hilarious once you adapt to the humour. The art is minimal, with no colour and almost never including a background, but the simple drawings reflect the simple-mindedness of the main character. Some early pages are quite sickening, such as "White Ninja eats a dead man", but they slowly concentrate more on White Ninja's innocent, clever, sometimes violent non sequiturs and personality. In an attempt to clarify what White Ninja really is, I have listed some page titles that reflect the strip:

  • "White Ninja questions Kevin about his missing shirt"
  • "White Ninja in: where are my eyes?"
  • "White Ninja and the gross little boy"
  • "White Ninja employs the services of a vampire"
  • "White Ninja puts a wiffle ball on a pylon"
Each of these titles give you a short glimpse of what the world of White Ninja is like. Check it out at; you might like what you see.

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