However, it is interesting to note that public opinion in Finland about the status of Sonera seems to be very high. On March 27 on Finnish Aamu-TV the presenters asked the CEO of Sonera whether or not his company was better known around the world than Telia. He responded affirmatively, though the current Telia is indeed larger (and wealthier) than Sonera.

What happens with this new company forming out of the merger between Telia and Sonera ("Solia", "Tenera"?) is for now anybody's guess.

The new company is Telia-Sonera, placing the larger and more estabilished Telia first, connected to the merged Sonera by a hyphen. The managing director of Telia, Anders Igel, may not participate in the board of directors of the new company. The Finnish government, part-owners of Sonera, were adamant that this was against a deal signed between the Finnish and Swedish governments, stating that equal representation of both nationalities is needed in companies such as the new Telia-Sonera.