Finnish Sonera's game "portal", part of Sonera Plaza. It is not a too unusual game site - they have a news service and they review games. They cover computer games, game consoles and hardware.

They also operate a very comprehensive FTP server ( with game patches and tools - it is a fast mirror of most recent game files, at least for those living in Finland.

They also operate their own game servers (Quake, Half-Life and everything else). The servers have enjoyed some level of popularity. (Sonera has a good ISP infrastructure. Probably pretty low pings, at least for their customers.)

They have employed a lot of folks with long background in games, gaming and reviewing games. They're well among the "good" Finnish game media - at least, for now.

However, the most recent rumor said that due to Sonera's staff negotiations the people with definite-length work contracts got tossed out and people from Tilt! continue - if this is true, their doom is sealed. (What has been confirmed so far was that at least one staff member has been kicked out.)

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