Nightwish are, unfortunately to other great metal bands with female singers, advertised as "The heavy metal band with a female vocalist." On Finnish TV, Tarja is always portrayed as an amazing singer, but quite frankly, she is not at the same level as for example the Finnish opera singer Karita Mattila or even the Norwegian Vibeke Stene. Though Anneke van Gieresbergen of The Gathering is not a mezzosoprano, it should not be forgotten that Nightwish is not the only metal band with female vocals.

Also, it seems to me that Nightwish are simply continuing on the path first created by Stratovarius. The deliberate mixing in the same studio (Finnvox Studios) as that band created almost identical sounds, which undoubtedly made Nightwish more succesful. Not that there is anything particularly bad about the Stratovarius power metal sound in general, but that it has been beat dead countless times before.