Today is the day that I end my 21st year. It is now legal for me to go get drunk out of my mind, just as long as I don't drive, or beat anyone, or do anything too stupid. The only thing I can think of that I am still prevented from doing, by virtue of my age, is being President. I suppose that might upset me, if I had any plans towards world domination. And, of course, I can no longer eat off of the children's menu (tho some restaurants are rather nice about that, if you prefer the smaller portions of simpler food..), I no longer pay children's rates, I am no longer allowed by society to be childish and simply call it my right. However, I am still (I hope) childlike. That's my goal. Child-like but not childish.

For the first time since this whole "being a grown-up" thing started, I don't feel like I'm playing grown-up. I supposed this means that I maybe really am a grown-up. That's scary, in and of itself. Oh well.. Yes. Today I turn 21.