The name game is a form of entertainment that is growing in popularity. It started as another of my brother’s idiot ideas.

It is to be played with a group of people.

The game is the most fun in a large, open and public area, such as a mall. Otherwise, all the little game pieces may figure it out.

The pieces are either followed or selected at random.

The players then take turns shouting random names. Points are awarded at getting the right name. This is assumed when a game piece turns around. One point per person. As a rule the players ignore the person when they turn around. However, fun, friendly, and slightly obnoxious people such as my brother give a smile and a “hi.”

If the validity of the name is out into question the name is to be repeated. If the person does not turn around again, the point is forfeited. If one is feeling particularly bold, they may ask the person for their name. This is why saying hi is not always advisable.

The game ends either when boredom throws its bulk around or when the players all go home.

Calling out the name of a person already known to that player is strictly forbidden and will result in the deduction of a point.

Bonus points may be given for a unique or unusual name. Judges are the other players unless allocated otherwise.

Have fun and remember, following the same group around may result in police inquiries.