Everyone knows at least a couple. They're everywhere. Come on, you know...

They're the people who say Thank God It's Monday.

They're the people who become sobbing emotional wrecks if they don't get their twelve cups of coffee first thing in the morning.

They're the people who come up work in Human Resources.

They're the people who come up with ideas like Secret Santa and other ways to improve office morale, none of which work.

They're the teachers who made you play the Name Game on the first day of class and actually expected people to want to play it.

They're the people who don't understand the phrase, "I'm sick of talking to people; I just want to be alone right now."

They're the people who turn into complete sluts when they get approximately one ounce of alcohol in their systems.

And, most importantly...they're the people who are a living example of why the term "justifiable homicide" exists..

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