Though not an offical group, the term Kiwanis Family refers to a group of organizations sponsored by Kiwanis International. All of these organizations share community service as their primary goal.

Kiwanis International - The parent organization of the Kiwanis Family. Kiwanis was formed in 1914 in Michigan originally as a professional group (similar to Rotary or Lions Club), most of Kiwanis' membership is now older. This age trend is being combatted. Kiwanis' emphasis is service to children.

Kiwanis International Foundation - The KIF is the arm of the Kiwanis Family that fundraises for charities and also gives grants to worthy projects around the world.

Circle K International - CKI is the branch of the Kiwanis Family that is comprised of college students. Service, Leadership , and Fellowship are it's official aims. It was started in Washington in 1947, though the first offical club was at Carthage College

Kiwanis Junior - This organization is a European group that tries to address some of the issues of bringing CKI and Kiwanis to younger age groups. It can primarilly be found in Italy and is seeing declining popularity due to policy changes enacted by CKI to help internationalization.

Key Club International - Formed in California in 1925, Key Club is the High School branch of the Kiwanis Family and has over 200,000 members.

Kiwin's - Kiwin's was started in 1973 because Key Club was an all male organization until 1975. This group exists only in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District, but is still quite active, despite the fact that both Kiwin's and Key Club are now open to both genders.

Builders Club - Builders Club is the branch of the Kiwanis Family for middle-school students. It is one of the younger organizations of the Kiwanis Family.

K-Kids - Kiwanis Family for grade school students. Currently this group is in its infancy (bad pun intended).

Aktion Club - Aktion club's target membership are individuals with mental or physical handicaps. This is the newest sponsored program of Kiwanis International.

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