Taping Policy Guidelines

The Stamp of Approval

September 13, 1995, Phoenix, Arizona: Ed on the mic: "This is the first night and from now on...let's make it official right here...the stamp of approval. Anytime you want to bring a tape recorder to one of our shows, you're more than welcome to. Maybe then you won't have to pay $30 or anything like that to bootleggers. You can have your own tape...your own personal memory."

And with those words, Record buttons were readied 'round the world...

Audio Taping Pearl Jam Shows... Pearl Jam's taping policy is that you may bring a hand-held Walkman-type AUDIO recorder for personal use. Pearl Jam brings their own security to coordinate with the local security before each show. Promoters and venue security will be aware that small, hand-held audio recorders are permitted, but occasionally this message does not get through to those at the gates. Pete, Pearl Jam's Head of Security, would like you to ask for him if you have a problem at the gate and are told that you can't bring in your hand-held audio recording equipment.

Please remember that the spirit of the taping policy is for each person to have a personal memory of the show. If the equipment is too sophisticated, it'll be considered bootlegging gear and will probably not be allowed. There isn't a list of recorders or gear that's allowed, so please use your good judgment and common sense. OK are Walkman-type, hand-held recorders: cassette, micro-cassette are fine. No DATs. No external mics. No standing mics. No booms. No pre-amps. There is no taper's section.

Q: Does Pearl Jam's taping policy apply to all PJ shows no matter what country? A: Yes, unless a venue policy overrides the band's policy. It's been very rare when a venue objects. Most venues are just fine with what the band allows.

Q: Can I plug into the soundboard? A: No soundboard hookups.

Q: Are video recorders ok? A: No video.

Q: I am a taper.. and have taped at Pearl jam shows before, but since going to see Dave Matthews, I have seen people recording on big 20 foot high mic stands...does Pearl Jam ok these mic stands at their shows? A: No, we are not Dave Matthews.

Q: Taping is still not allowed at events not put on by Pearl Jam, like festivals, correct? A: Yes, it's still not allowed.

Q: Does the band approve of full live concerts or songs being traded online in MP3 files? A: It's ok.

Q: Does the band mind us TRADING their live shows on cdrs to other fans? A: Trading is ok but selling is not ok. It would be a betrayal of the band's trust. -- The Ten Club on Bootlegging: Note: If you are a fan club member and are caught selling boots you will be banished from the club forever.

Q: How about small cameras, no flash? Are those ok this year? A: Yes, no flash. Also, no detachable lenses and no computer enhanced cameras (35mm) type.

Thank you for your cooperation and respecting the band's wishes.

Last updated: July 12, 2000

Source: http://www.sonymusic.com/artists/PearlJam/tour/taping.html