Well, this will be a brief bio. I've done as much drudging up of info on Gossard as I could figure out, and there's really not much. Mostly, he's known for being a guitar player/songwriter for Pearl Jam. The bio on his homepage (stonegossard.com), says this:

I'm 34 years old.
Almost 35.
My name is Stone Gossard.

Then it mostly talks about his solo album titled Bayleaf coming out sometime soon. Then it says:

By the way, I have played with Pearl Jam, Brad, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, and Green River.

He also headed a side-project in 1996 called Interiors, which featured members of Pearl Jam and Satchel.

He also played drums on a song called "Touchin' Myself" by Ty Willman (formerly Green Apple Quick Step), Kevin Guess, and R. Cole Peterson III Esq..

He also also played on four tracks and sang on two on Thermadore's album Monkey on Rico.

Finally, if you look carefully in the movie Singles, you will see Gossard with Ed Vedder and Jeff Ament in one seen, where they a play band called Citezen Dick with Matt Dillon.

source info: stonegossard.com and pearljam.com

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