In the evening

Let's have quick scan of today:

Quite difficult to wake up in the morning; must learn to go to bed earlier again. Those holidays must've mixed up my daily rhythm. I was busy at work, working around some things and helping a linux newbie to get along with the system. Tried to find a suitable place to play badminton; there's one nearby where I work, but all sunday's were already taken for the next 6 months. Have to find a some place where there is free fields on sundays, as sunday seems to be the only day for me and friend to have time to go and play. (Can't these clubs keep their phone numbers in yellow pages?)

Finally, got home and quite soon my friend called and asked if I could master his own music onto cdr. (This had been discussed earlier and I had promised to do it for him) So my friend came along with his computer, and I copied songs worth of two cd's on my hd. There's quite a lot of work in those. I had been thinking of converting one video of other friend of mine to realvideo, to put on his website (which I have created and maintain); I'll probably do it tomorrow, as it's getting late already.