I took delivery of my wife's new Proton Perdana V6 yesterday. It seems to be the start of a long relationship, perhaps longer than the 8 years we had with our previous Proton Wira.

It is the cheapest car you can get bigger than Proton Wira in this neck of the woods, due to all those import taxes.

Argh! ... I just found out about what happened to Dman on September 20, 2000, indirectly from Uberfetus chatter in the catbox. EUS shows his last writeup to be on September 19, 2000, and his home node show he had logged in on October 28, 2000. Finally, I read bones editorial in Dman's home node. Hmmm ... I remember some good stuffs from Dman, in writeup and /msg.

Update October 29, 2000 evening MYT. I also just noticed that Saige have gone, and came back from dmoz, last writeup October 26, 2000. Though it seems she'll not be as active as before.

I went a visiting to dmoz.org. I noted that even my favourite search engine, google, is using dmoz (aka Open Directory Project. I've applied for editor rights to one small part, related to my neck of the woods. The collaborative community of noders / editors looks superficially similar to E2. There are root, editall, catmv and meta on dmoz; that looks equivalent to root, editors and gods on E2.