I am posting this as a follow up to my node October 27, 2001 where I complained about a node being nuked. Since I posted that, the editor who nuked the node gave me further explanation for why, and I agree with the reasons that were given. He also looked at my daylog and said that the contents of the node that was nuked would be an ok node, were it posted under a different title than Albert Einstein Quotes. Now I think I can change my stance.

If I understand the stance he took correctly, the objection wasn't to the fact that the node was written by someone else, but more to the fact that the title leant itself to the "many writeups with little content" syndrome. The same problem that GTKY nodes often have. By limiting the amount of "quote nodes," you're limiting the amount of nodes with two lines of text. If someone says something particularly nodeworthy, it should be indexed by the subject and not Soandso quote.

I often dislike absolute bannings, but I can understand the point and perhaps the need for this one. I will be reposting the Albert Einstein quote, but I have to think of a suitable title.

Thank you for your comments and support, please look at The difficulty of explaining abstract concepts for an updated version of the node that once rested in Albert Einstein Quotes.