Released June 30, 1997
Recorded Earthbound Central
Genre Electronica
Length 52 min 21 s
Record label XL Recordings
Producer Liam Howlett

Track listing
"Smack My Bitch Up" (Howlett/Kool Keith/Miller/Randolph/Smith/Badar - vocals) - 5:42
"Breathe" (Flint/Howlett/Maxim) - 5:35
"Diesel Power" (Howlett/Kool Keith) - 4:17
"Funky Shit" (Howlett, feat. sample of "Root Down" from the Beastie Boys) - 5:16
"Serial Thrilla" (Arran/Flint/Howlett/Skin) - 5:11
"Mindfields" (Howlett) - 5:40
"Narayan" (Howlett/Mills - vocals) - 9:05
"Firestarter" (Deal/Dudley/Flint/Horn/Howlett/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley) - 4:40
"Climbatize" (Howlett) - 6:36
"Fuel My Fire" (James/Knight/Sparks/Walsh, back-up vocals by Saffron) - 4:19

The album charted #1 in Canada and the Billboard 200, and topped out in various other listings.
Released by XL Recordings on June 30, 1997.
A clever mix of techno, trip-hop, punk, electronic music, and something completely out of this world. This album clearly smacks of influence by Young Gods, Sex Pistols and Damned, but in a way that makes the music completely different. Samples and influences from Ozric Tentacles, Art of Noise, Scunk Anansie and Primal Scream can also be spotted throughout the album.

A word of caution. This CD isn't for everyone. The sound is mainly synthetic, the search for musicality here is absurd. The album is best played on a HiFi system. A low powered amp and small speakers are not for this album, as blown speakers and burnt amps lie in the wake of this LP. The music should be listened with the volume control nob turned all the way clockwise. High powered beats, explosive dynamics, and ridiculous bass lines combine into a unique eardrum-pounding experience.