A track that appears on the Prodigy's 1997 landmark release, "The Fat of the Land".

The track is entirely instrumental, even devoid of any recognizable vocal samples. It was composed and performed by Liam Howlett.

The most remarkable thing about the track, barring the obvious danceable tribal breakbeat, is the prominent, melodic bassline which simplistically yet elegantly transcends the monotonous 2-4 beat that is otherwise so predominant in electronic music. The lead instrument, which sounds like a heavily distorted harmonica (or possibly just a synth creation of Liam's) whines lazily over the driving beat, creating a brilliant juxtaposition of flow.

If you want personal interpretation (and you probably don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway), the track evokes a certain open air feel to me - possibly being atop a high mountain, gazing over majestic fields and valleys, light winds blazing across them as the sun slowly ascends. But I know perfectly well that it was probably just something Liam Howlett cooked up on his laptop whilst recovering from a hangover.

Unfortunately, the track is vastly underrated, since most people usually either skip it in favor of the album closer, "Fuel My Fire", or - even more commonly - backtracks to "Narayan". Such is life.

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