What is Dinotopia?

Dinotopia is the name of a (sadly, fictional) island, which is not shaped like Australia at all, where dinosaurs and people live in mostly harmony.

This magical land is very old, and has quite a few secrets. It also has the Code of Dinotopia, which is interesting, but slightly odd.

How does one get to Dinotopia?

Getting to Dinotopia is very much a matter of chance/luck. It is surrounded by large, complex reefs and sand bars, which make it nearly impossible to get out of or into the island.

The way by which most people on Dinotopia got to Dinotopia is via dolphin. The sequence of events goes thusly: They were on sailing ships which crashed on the reefs, and, rescued by dolphins, managed to make their way to the island's shore. These people, referred to as dolphin-backs, are then absorbed into the Dinotopian culture.

Dinotopia is described to us in two large, beautifully illustrated books by James Gurney, as well as a number of small, paperback children's novels.

These books are: Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time and Dinotopia: The World Beneath. Both are very good, and well worth reading, if only for the illustrations, which are astounding.