Novel: A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernon Vinge & Doomsday Book by Connie Willis (tie)
Novella: "Barnacle Bill the Spacer" by Lucius Shepard
Novelette: "The Nutcracker Coup" by Janet Kagan
Short Story: "Even the Queen" by Connie Willis
Non-Fiction Book: A Wealth of Fable: An informal history of science fiction in the 1950s by Harry Warner, Jr.
Dramatic Presentation: "The Inner Light" (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Professional Editor: Gardner Dozois
Professional Artist: Don Maitz
Original Artwork: Dinotopia by James Gurney
Semiprozine: Science Fiction Chronicle (Andrew Porter, ed.)
Fanzine: Mimosa (Dick & Nicki Lynch, eds.)
Fan Writer: Dave Langford
Fan Artist: Peggy Ranson
Campbell Award: Laura Resnick
Special Award: Takumi Shibano
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