Singer/Songwriter from Wales. Albums include Sell Sell Sell and White Ladder. He achieved megastar status in Ireland while the rest of the world studiously ignored him. Nobody is certain why he especially appealed to the Irish, but White Ladder has been in the Top Ten here for two years or something ludicrous like that. On his official web site (, this success is credited in no small part to the support of DJ Donal Dineen, who pushed Gray relentlessly through No Disco, his well-regarded alternative music show on RTÉ television. Trivia buffs may be interested to note that Dineen contributed the cover photography for White Ladder.

In 2000, two years after the album was first released, the single Babylon charted at number 5 in the UK Top Ten, indicating that his home country was finally beginning to take notice. White Ladder was re-released worldwide, and his Irish fans were appeased with the Ireland-only release of Lost Songs. This album was subsequently released to the rest of the world in 2001. A remix of Please Forgive Me also made it into the UK top twenty, despite being burdened with an asinine video. At the time of writing, (Feb 2001), This Year's Love is also being re-released as a single.

The major promotional push in 2000 seems to be allowing David Gray to ease into the worldwide megastar status he so richly deserves.