There are two paths - choose
to roll on stockings, paint your lips
crimson red, slip on the evening dress.
Kiss the hero on his lips, threaten
with an eagle knife. You are
eternally young - eternally brave. also -
pure in heart. You will die
by the third act - or the next movie.

The second path? You take the exit door
marked in crimson red. Employees Only.
Slip backstage with the microfiche, the
micro-dress. The third door is a closet:
there, you will shed:
youth. beauty. crimson.
there you will find:
a grey silk jacket, your briefcase
the codes for the office
at the end of the hall.

Sharpen your fingernails on your heart, on
the purity of heroism. Leave that too. Smile
without showing your teeth.

You give the orders now.