Did you spit your Corn Flakes at a joke on Usenet this morning? Are the kids throwing mud in the computer room again? Perhaps you suddenly sneezed when checking your e-mail the other night? Chances are your computer monitor was in-line with the projectiles. And the result is a smeared screen with flecks and smudges everywhere.

Fear not! Cleaning your computer monitor is a quick and painless task.

Note: Your monitor's user manual will have the proper cleaning techniques for your specific product.


an anti-static rag or other soft cloth (some old cotton clothing will work) and water or some other "weak" liquid (eyeglass cleaner).

That's right! Just plain-old water will do the trick. If some spots just won't come off, then apply a dash of glass cleaner to the rag.


  1. Turn off the monitor.

    You don't necessarily do this to prevent electric shock, but it's just plain easier to see spots and smears on a black computer screen. Some people say to unplug your monitor from the wall outlet, but this is quite ridiculous. As long as your merely cleaning the glass with the correct cleaning solutions, you'll be fine. If your cleaning the entire case (not just the glass), then do unplug the monitor.

  2. Dampen part of the rag with the water or the other liquid.
  3. Wipe the entire screen.
  4. Dry the entire screen with the dry portion of the rag.


  • These steps apply to the monitor glass, not the frame or the back of the monitor. Read other documentation to learn how to clean those.
  • Never apply liquid directly to the monitor glass. Use the rag!
  • Don't use rough paper to dry the monitor (such as paper towels) as it may scratch the glass.
  • Don't use normal glass (window) cleaners since they smear the glass.