Voted Britain's ugliest building in 2001 and was described by Prince Charles as "a mildewed lump of elephant droppings", the Tricorn centre in Portsmouth is finally being knocked down.

The Tricorn centre was completed in 1964 and was created by Owen Luder. It was meant to give Portsmouth a new lease of life by providing shops, car parking and jobs. However its ugly and daring structure that is an eyesore to Portsmouth's landscape, and so it has been unoccupied and left derelict for the past 15 years.

The whole of the Tricorn centre is constructed out of grey concrete with the occasional patches of white paint. The reason for its failure was due to its rough look which made you feel as though were doing your shopping inside a large, dark, grimy, bomb shelter. Its narrow passages and corridors led to people being mugged and in turn this led to a lack of business as people refused to shop there.

Once the Tricorn centre is demolished, a new shopping centre and homes will be built. However many people feel that just like the Tricorn, this new shopping centre could become just as unpopular.

It will take nine months for the Tricorn centre to be fully cleared due to the amount of reinforced concrete to remove, and many people have already taken pieces of the rubble hoping that it may be worth something in the future just like the pieces of the Berlin wall. shows pictures of the Tricorn Centre

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