Tricorn House is one of the most ugly office buildings in the world. It sits on Cainscross roundabout in Stroud and is forever up for rent. This may be because no company wants to admit to having such a disgusting building as their head quarters.

The building gets it’s name from it’s structure. It is situated on a triangular island just off of a dual carriageway and has been built as if it was a “T” with the arms bent up. If you think this would look interesting you are probably picturing it standing up, it’s not, it’s lying down and has each of the arms in a corner of the triangle. If you still think it doesn’t sound to bad, picture it made from dark, dirty, grey rectangles approximately two meters wide and three meters tall with a window in the middle outlined in brown. Also imagine that these squares are stacked one on top of another and are joined by even darker, more horrible looking cement. Now imagine it blocking one of the most picturesque views of a country hill topped by a fort surrounded by Victorian redbrick cottages, and you have Tricorn House.

It does have one good point which is it is easy to break into, this on it’s own isn’t too good, but when one of the townies from my school broke in and someone called the police, he was a stupid enough to run upstairs. I was walking past the building at the time and I saw police run into it, then, seconds later I saw a townie shaped figure performing what looked like a running jump from a second floor window around six meters (18 feet) up, land, and fail to hobble away before being arrested. I have almost never laughed so hard.

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