I've finally had it.
250 lbs. is the limit of my tolerance for my excess weight. I'm going to try to improve my health and lose those extra pounds.

I shall chronicle my efforts here, in the daily logs.

My approach shall be twofold:

I know from my own personal experience that small changes in my lifestyle work best. So I'm not going to do anything radical.

  • Diet

    I will start eating breakfast, which shall consist of fresh fruit.

    I think my lunch will remain the same, though I will try to be concious of a few things, like eating only until I'm full, and eating slowly. I enjoy eating out for lunch with co-workers, and that means that lunch would be a difficult place to make the changes I need.

    Dinner is the meal that I will change the most. No more fast food for dinner and no more huge dinners. Dinner will probably consist of mostly fresh fruit and vegitables with some small amount of meat, probably fish.

  • Exercise

    It will be very simple at first, because I really don't feel much like doing exercise at this point. So first thing in the morning, I will walk briskly for 20 minutes and I will take another 20 minute walk before going to bed.

I'm also going to try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night and I'm going to try to limit my caffeine consumption.

Stay tuned to see how this goes.