Friday was alumni weekend, so I decided to work at the bar. It was relatively easy, most of the alumni are pretty respectful and don't get too crazy. The only problem with them is that they all expect special treatment. They don't realize that everybody is alumni there. The one funny thing that happened was that Josh was offered 20 bucks to let somebody cut in line, but he said no. Then they offered 50 so Josh made an exception, haha. After that, Josh tried to tell me to do something and I told him that if he is making that kind of money on the side, that he could do it himself. Josh gave me 15, so I decided to start doing my job. The best part about working there is the free drinks. There's nothing like getting paid to get drunk. I stayed after work for a few cocktails and then went home. My parents and my uncle were staying at the apartment that night.

We left early to go to Cincy for my brother's graduation. I slept at his apartment while they went to his ceremony. When they got back, we went to one of his friends house to grill out and have a few beers. My parents and my uncle left to go home and my brother and I went back to his apartment to nap. Then we went over to one of his friend's houses to drink a few beers then go to a bar. It was a really fun time. For some reason I always decide to try and show off my drinking talents. I got really drunk, but it was still really fun. We went back to a house to continue the party where I proceeded to puke in the toilet and pass out on the table.

The next day we went to skyline and he drove me back. Then we watched some movies at my apartment until he left around 11. It was fun hanging out with him. We don't really do much together and I'm not exactly sure why. I suppose that is another node. I called my girlfriend and talked to her for a while. She tells me that all of her guy friends told her that every guy gets himself a piece of ass on the side no matter what. Besides that really pissing me off about her friends, I really thought she had more trust in me. I think she does, but I hadn't talked to her for a few days so she was probably getting worried. I don't know what it is, but I have no interest in cheating on her. It really bothers me that the "norm" for guys is that they cheat on their girlfriends. I told her a long time ago that I am definitely not the "norm" and that I never want her to compare me with anybody else, because it would do no good. Bottom line, I hope I see her very soon. It's only been two weeks, but sometimes it feels really long. I don't like losing the feeling of her next to me. Some things feel like distant memories when I want to have them fresh in my mind.

Being around my brother makes me want to go out and see the I told her about it and I think she got worried. All I was talking about was maybe a few week vacation in Europe in a year after I get my masters. She kept asking if I expected her to wait for me. I really don't know what she meant by that, it's not like I'm leaving forever. She said that she understands that I want to travel. With her job, she only has two weeks of vacation a year, so I was trying to explain that we could do two weeks in Europe together. She spent a year in Spain, so I don't know if I need to travel to be with her. It's kind of hard to explain but part of me thinks that because she is more worldly than I am, that somehow I am a disapointment to her or something...that I don't measure up to the kind of guy that she wants because I haven't travelled, or have no interest in travelling. I really don't know. I just really want to get my degree and move on with life...with her.

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