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Personal project:

Having reached the limit of my ability to ignore my health,
I've embarked on a plan to lose weight.

You can get an overview of my plan here:
My plan
I've decided to loose some weight and these daily node entries will chronicle my effort:
  June 11, 2003     - Weight 250 lbs.
  June 19, 2003     - Weight 249 lbs.
  June 27, 2003     - Weight 248 lbs.
  October 4, 2004   - Weight 207 lbs.
  October 19, 2004  - Weight 201 lbs.
  May 27, 2005      - Weight 196 lbs. (Goal reached!)
  December 28, 2005 - Weight 196 lbs. 
  March 13, 2006    - Weight 197.5 lbs.
You may have noticed that I changed my plan.
I didn't do very well on the old plan. It was just too difficult. A friend recomended the Atkins Diet and I have to say that it works great!

I've achieved and maintained my weight goal. I've been working out with weights and I've seen some increase in my mucscle mass. I think now that I will concentrate on decreasing my percentage of body fat. I don't look to bad in my cloths right now, but I would like to get the point where I'm looking good naked. It's also posible that I will decide to drop another 10 pounds or so. Though, if I lean out that might not be necessary.