The Dragon, or Draco, is a constellation located in the northern hemisphere. Through ancient times it has been associated with dragons or serpents. The Persians knew it as a man-eating serpent, while the Greeks saw it as a dragon which lived within the garden of the Hesperides, or Daughters of the Evening, where he guarded the stars or golden apples which hung from the Pole Tree in the Garden of Darkness.

In Egypt it was known as Typhon or Set, ruler of darkness and enemy of the Sun. Thuban, it's main star, means Serpent or Dragon in Arabic. Around 3000 B.C. Thuban was the Pole Star or North Star, caused by the fact that the celestial north pole slowly moves in a circle which passes through the body of the Dragon. Today the Pole Star is Polaris, and will become Deneb in thousands of years, then later Vega will take it's place.