I cut my hair last night and boy does it look it.
I usually do a fair job of it but I was in a hurry.
Cutting my own hair is something I've always wanted to do.
Did you ever have a panic attack in a barber chair?
Sorry I mentioned it but that was my primary motivation.
I bought the clippers last spring.

I was up in the garret when I heard the doorbell. A Trick or Treat customer. I bounded down the stairs. Before I was down to the first floor they were pounding.
"Okay, Okay, I'm coming," I muttered.

We had the front porch light on, even though it was Saturday afternoon. My wife had a plastic "light up" orange pumpkin on the railing. There was no doubt we were open for business.

I was the only one home and took the opportunity to get some papers and files in order. I had everything spread out on the living room floor so I could see it all for quick access. We don't get many Halloweeners so I wanted to stay close to the door. Our record is 13.

Trick or Treating in Oil City has been a daylight activity since the abduction and murder of an eleven year old girl ten years ago. The killer was never caught. So ever since they've had it during the day, which happened to be November 1, 2003. Most of the other communities in our area had their's on Friday night. My son and his friends did well. They attended both sessions.

So, an hour into the daylight activity, we had our first kid. It was my neighbor's granddaughter (that counts). She would be the only one this year. So I'll be taking some candy to work.

I was very tired when I went to work today. I went out to my truck at lunch to do some uninterrupted reading but I started dozing off in the unseasonably warm weather we are having in western Pennsylvania. I put the magazine down (November 2003 Wired with Linus Torvalds on the cover) and put my head back and commenced to taking a series of micronaps. I would doze for 15 seconds to a couple of minutes. Dreams fading in and out and mixing with various states of consciousness. I had hoped not to go completely under.

Earlier this summer I fell asleep in the truck at lunchtime. I went into a deep undisturbed slumber. I woke up an hour later. I wasn't sure where I was or even what day it was. When I looked at my watch It was 1:00 p.m. on the nose. I stumbled into work feeling like I'd been drugged. It took me ten more minutes to completely wake up. That's what happens when you stay up late online and don't get to bed at a decent hour. But I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world, right now, maybe.

My son and his friends each ended up with about five pounds of candy. A couple of them stayed over and after church on Sunday we fixed them French Toast and bacon. While they were waiting they put the TV on to watch the rest of Dumb and Dumber. They had all gone into a sugar coma the night before and only saw the first half. Soon we could hear the rustle of candy wrappers.
"Hey Guys, why don't you hold up on the candy until after breakfast."
"Uh, okay." they said.

Halloween is history, until next year.
So is October, I told my wife, which only saddened her since October is her favorite month.
"...until next year."