Allow me to preface this: I have now spent the better part of seventeen days awake, toiling without relief in front of the sterile CRT glow of AliasWavefront StudioTools to meet the deadlines of my ID studio. What little sleep I have managed to catch has usually been too brief to warrant any sustained period of R.E.M.. On top of that, the few fleeting dreams that didn't pass completely and instantly out of short-term memory seem to have been overrun with Alias-related minutia... I feel that my subconscious has been supremely violated! But I digress... and on to the dream description proper we proceed:

So I'm sitting there, hard at work (and this is my dream I'm describing), trying my damnedest to successfully join these two non-coincident curves at this normal looking CV; Alias keeps telling me that I simply can not accomplish this. I keep looking around this situation in my perspective point of view, and I can not understand just how it came to be that this CV is not shared by said curves. Anyway... I keep trying to get this shite to work, and I start to realize that my work is fucking disintegrating with every move of the mouse, right before my eyes! Insomnia-driven desperation (this is still the dream, mind you) gripping my heart like a boa constrictor, I vainly attempt to reinforce this fragile pile of ones and zeroes (now rapidly crumbling) that is all I've got to show for over two weeks of my life sacrificed at the altar of voluntary slavery. I can't quite recall a visual memory of how, exactly, the crumbling of these data structure appeared in the dream; but the abstract notion of huge amounts of lost work made it across the void perfectly clear.

This (imaginary) loss upset me so deeply that I instantly awoke, and quite pissed off. It's 4:17 a.m., and already I'm rushing to studio (just in case, right?).My life, of late, absolutely sucks.